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Buzzword Consulting New Client Agreement 

If you are ready to get started, please submit this form. Any questions, please contact Katya. Thank you!

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Price List *
I received and understand the Buzzword Price List sent to my email / or I understand the custom quote provided to me for my project and accept. I understand baseline prices may change but that I will always be told in advance if any changes are coming.
Payment *
I will be billed at the end of the month and my bill is due upon receipt. Please pay your invoices on time, it is greatly appreciated. There is a late payment fee of $50 after 5 business days that would be added to the next invoice. Late payments beyond 14 days add 3% interest per week until paid in full. Please contact Buzzword asap if any billing issues arise. Hourly rates are billed in full and in half hour increments only. (Example: If something takes 20 minutes, It will be logged as .5 and if something takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, it will be billed as 2. If something takes less than 5 minutes, it will not be billed). Please note that urgent, same-day and next-day requests result in an additional fee.* (*See your current price list for details.) Invoices must be paid in full, there are no partial payments or payment plans accepted at this time. All monthly plans, if offered, can not be prorated, and hours do not rollover. Monthly invoices are sent via email, to the email address provided in this form. Payments are accepted online using any major credit card/debit card. You can save a card on file for future payments online through Waveapp after your first payment. If you need to pay using PayPal friend transfer or by mailing a check, please contact me directly to discuss. No cash payments accepted. Please contact Buzzword Consulting right away if my email address changes.
Timelines *
All project requests require a minimum of 72 hours advanced notice to avoid additional fees*. (*current price lists state fees for next-day or same -day requests). Estimated* project cost and timelines for each new project will be provided during project consultation. (*Estimates are not final, clients will be notified if estimates / timelines must be adjusted.) Project turn-around time varies based on A) level of detail and complexity of project and B) current work load /number of clients. To avoid longer timelines, request your project with as much advanced notice as possible. Thank you!
Terms of Service *
There are no long-term contracts and all services are billed monthly. I am electing to work with Katya Lerner of Buzzword Consulting, and that this is an online, home-based business. New projects include 30 minutes free consultation for new and existing clients. An average of 1.5 hours of accumulated phone and messaging communication is included at no charge per month to ensure we work together effectively and efficiently. Consultation time that exceeds the average time will result in billed time. I understand that I am required to submit new project requests and website edit requests online at
Designs & Copyright Content *
I understand that I may only submit images and/or written content that I have complete ownership of. If I provide content I do not have ownership of, I am 100% responsible for any general and legal repercussions.
Your Information Is Secure *
All client information is treated with sensitivity and kept secure and confidential. I understand I am responsible for contacting Buzzword Consulting if any of my contact or business information changes.
Refund Policy *
All services are non-refundable. If there are any issues, we will work together to find a fair and reasonable resolution. Any hours purchased in blocks or bundles, if offered, begin on the first day of each new calendar month and end on the last day of the calendar month.
Right To Refuse Service *
Buzzword Consulting reserves the right to refuse service to any client with overdue payments, anyone who acts or behaves in a threatening or aggressive manner, and in any project where insufficient information is submitted as required to complete the project effectively.

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