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Blogs and Newsletters

Ready to start your own blog or newsletter online but not sure where to start? Buzzword Consulting can help you with a customized blog or and newsletter for your small business or personal use. Free consultations available and affordable rates for start-ups and non-profits!

Blogs and Newsletters

BuzzWord Blogs

While your company website should always promote a professional look and feel, remember you are marketing your business to people - real people, with feelings and emotions, and a fierce desire to feel connected to the community and world around them. By having an active and engaging blog for your customers, you can add a more casual and personal touch to your business that can really enhance their customer experience and loyalty.

Your blog can also be technical, professional or creative! Blogs allow the freedom to express more of yourself and your passion than what might be coming through your business website on a day to day basis. However, creating a blog does require time to set up, learn and understanding some basic technical elements that may either be too much to take on or not something you feel naturally comfortable with.

BuzzWord Consulting can help you create or improve a blog to help support your business and train you on how to create your content along with tips to market and promote good readership. For more insight about blogging for business or starting your own blog, read our blog on blogging, "To Blog Or Not To Blog?" on


BuzzWord Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters customized with your logo and promotional material can be a wonderful and aesthetic way to increase your customer experience and product sales. It is also a wonderful way to nurture your client-relationships with a series of supportive, useful and informative newsletters prior to every "asking for the sale." Don't spend your time creating dry business emails without your business logo or custom graphics or spend hours manually adding client email addresses every time. Worst of all, don't send nothing. A major mistake small business make is not staying in constant contact and communication with their customers.

BuzzWord Consulting will help you create and manage email newsletters that include strong marketing elements to promote sales and service. Email Newsletters can be set up with email distribution lists and provide analytic services so that you know which of your customers are staying engaged and those who are not.