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Branding Identity

Let the heart of your business shine through your brand!

shine through your brand!

Business Branding and Identity

Let the heart of your business shine through your brand!

 A business that is lacking strong Branding and Identity will inevitably struggle long term. These two strategies are often combined and viewed as one component of a business marketing plan, as they work hand in hand when done correctly. However, they are distinctly different.

  • Branding your business refers to how people react and feel about your business.
  • Branding is responsive and often responsible for whether or not consumers view your business as ethical and trustworthy or not.
  • Branding includes setting proper pricing and producing a quality product or service. 
  • Identity refers more towards your internal business code, values and your organization as a whole.
  • Identity can often be represented physically in the business logo, tag line and other customer-facing marketing elements that impress the unique quality of the business outwards.

BuzzWord Consulting will work with you to create or improve the Branding and Identity strategies for your business and help you navigate through the numerous decisions, obstacles and opportunities business owners are faced with.