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Logo & Web Design

Business Logos, Website template customization and Graphic Design Services by Buzzword Consulting for Small Businesses.


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BuzzWord Business Logo Design

Creating a custom business logo to use both in online marketing and on printed materials is important to give your customers a sense of consistency, trust and familiarity. Have you ever heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words?" This is referring to the idea that a single image can convey an important message more effectively than a wordy or complex description. This is because a potential new customer may only have a few seconds to view your marketing element or product and that is not enough time to effectively communicate using words alone. It is also the visual element of an idea that is most memorable to people long term. Thus, designing a business logo that captures the spirit of your business and the heart of your brand is both exciting and important. Let your logo speak volumes for your business and reputation with a design by Buzzword Consulting.

Social Media Graphics or Flyers - Once you have your initial business logo designed, move on to design a set of business-branded and customized graphics that are sized properly for various social media platforms as well as promotional flyers for marketing/ads online. 

Mini Videos for Facebook and Instagram - If you are ready to take your advertising to the next level, or even just starting out, creating a custom mini video to use for your ad instead of a picture can really add traction. All Facebook ad videos that stay within the 1 minute mark are also shared on Instagram at no additional cost. We can take any simple promotion or business concept, write a short script, and set your text and slide images to music in a 1 minute .MP4 file. Contact us to inquire on this service and up your ad-game today!

Website Design

No, I am not a coder. But I can design beautiful custom websites for your business or personal use. I use template grids and create custom designs and images for you to use, as well as a logo if needed, on platforms such as,,, and For a few examples, visit the portfolio page and click on the Website links provided.