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Social Media Marketing and Management

Social Media is a revolutionary tool that helps you stay connected and in-tune with your customers' needs. And unlike more traditional methods or print marketing, most social media platforms are free services that offer a wide variety of ways for you to promote your business. 

An important element of PR is effectively managing your business's online presence and finding innovative ways to connect and engage directly with your customers and potential customers. Social Media is the KING of enabling direct engagement and perfect for creating and testing any "Call to Action" strategies within your Marketing Plan or promoting your business blog. A strong Social Media Marketing plan and Blog for your business are just two of the major ways (Inbound Marketing Strategies) you can direct additional traffic and sales to your business website. 

We understand that creating and managing these types of online accounts can take time and energy to learn and use effectively. BuzzWord Consulting offers services in this area, to help you create and set up all your social media profiles, train you on how to use these platforms or manage them for you, and create a file of custom images tailored to your business for promotion and customer engagement. We offer 3 pricing tiers for Social Media Management to ensure you get the support you need without over paying.

Don't go another day without having a strong social media marketing plan in place. Digital Marketing for your business is essential. For a free DIY guide of low-cost ways to promote your business online, view our blog on FREE GUIDE. Let us help your business reach its full potential!