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Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Services and copywriting by Buzzword Consulting. You have 100 other things to do, let us help you with your project management, newsletters, blogs, resumes, ebooks for kindle on and more.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

So, what is a Virtual Assistant? Think of this as hiring a part-time office assistant, but instead of them showing up to the office at 8am in person, everything is done remotely, online. Also, since it is a remote service, it can be done on an "as needed" basis." Whereas, with traditional office assistants, you would be employing someone more consistently, which is more costly, and would even need to set up proper payroll services or provide employee benefits. Instead, hiring a Virtual Assistant relieve you of that added stress! 

As an entrepreneur or small business owner it is very easy to get bogged down by daily or monthly basic business projects and tasks. But hiring on and affording part-time or full-time staff is big step. The internet is amazing for this very issue. Recently, Virtual Assistants have become popular due to the affordability and flexibility the service offers. If you have an individual project that needs creating, editing or promoting, we can help. Virtual Assistants are essentially an entrepreneur's secret weapon for success!

Copywriting Services

Through Buzzword Consulting's Virtual Assistant services, copywriting is available for your business website, blog, marketing and advertising. Whether your business focuses on B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), we can help you create effective campaigns and write or edit website content that will help you grow your business. In an initial free consultation, we will collaboratively consider what type of copywriting will best suit your business, or choose to use a combination approach. A few different of writing styles to consider are: Creative, Digital, Marketing, Explainer, SEO, Brand, and Technical. Each writing style can bring a different value to your business and it is important to know which style will support your business goal, division or project the most. 

Good marketing and ad copy helps your target audience understand your offer and how to respond. Good copy also requires several rounds of detailed editing to ensure it reads clearly and is concise and error free. When creating email and ad copy, we always consider the following questions when getting started:

  • Who is our audience?
  • What is our value proposition? Is it unique? Will it  stand out?
  • What is our objective?
  • What subject line and header will be the most compelling and effective?

Hire BuzzWord Consulting to be your Copywriter or Virtual Assistant for various business related tasks at affordable rates. It will save you time and allow you to spend your energy on other important areas of running your business. 

Performance Reviews and Appraisals Leadership positions often carry the responsibility of writing up detailed reviews and end-of-year or quarterly appraisals on their employees, in addition to managing and coaching to performance. These reviews can be a critical component when it comes time to evaluate next level promotions, pay raises and even terminations. This is why it is so important to do them well.

We understand how time consuming that kind of work can be and offer a great solution! We will partner with you to get all the important stats and information to include, and take this task off your shoulders. Get in touch for a free quote and consult!

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